FA-18 Hornets On Show

I completely forgot I had these images on file from last week. They were taken by a work mate from the tower balcony.

Apparently there was a reunion for members of the RAAF over the weekend. Half a dozen or so FA-18's (with pilots) rocked up for the occasion.

As the RAAF training academy is located at the airport these guys were pretty keen to put on a show. They held OCTA for 10 minutes until traffic cleared for a low level beat up over the academy. And man, did they have these things wound up!

It doesn't matter how many times I see a show like this, it's still just as enjoyable the next time.

The video clip below was taken with my camera phone so sorry about the image quality.

Here a a few more images from the occasion. I have to be honest though. Pictures of aircraft (even jets) don't quite have the same effect as watching the real thing.