Who Wants To Be An Air Traffic Controller?

My last post I spoke about Air Traffic Controller's Salaries. It appears a lot of people search that topic in search engines for some reason so I thought I'd satisfy their curiosity.

Even more people search about what it's like to be an Air Traffic Controller and how to be an Air Traffic Controller. If this is you then definitely read on because that's what this post is all about.

(Above: Australian ATC Locations.)

So how demanding is the job of Air Traffic Control? According to Airservices Australia "The nature of the job demands that Air Traffic Controllers be able to make quick and accurate decisions based on information regarding an aircraft's position". To this end you must:
  • be confident and able to work with modern computer-based equipment;
  • be self-motivated and independent, yet work within a team environment;
  • be dedicated, professional, conscientious, confident and able to accept high levels of personal responsibility;
  • possess a good understanding and a clear application of the English language; and
  • be prepared to work shifts on any day of the year.
Yes any time of the year. It was only two Christmas's ago I was lucky enough to be on holidays and flew home Christmas day.

What are the different types of Air Traffic Control?
  • Enroute Controllers are responsible for the safe management of air traffic over the majority of the Australian mainland and on oceanic routes. Enroute control services are delivered from our two major centres in Brisbane and Melbourne.
  • Terminal Area Controllers use radar to manage the orderly flow of aircraft arriving and departing from major city airports. Terminal Area Control services are provided from the Brisbane and Melbourne Centres and Terminal Control Unit’s in Cairns, Sydney, Adelaide or Perth.
  • Tower Controllers work in the control tower at an aerodrome where they are responsible for all aircraft and vehicle movements on the taxi ways, runways and in the immediate vicinity of the aerodrome. Airservices Australia operates 26 control towers around Australia.
You can click the links below to view PDF documents on applications, assessment tests and interviews, training and postings. Visit here to apply. Applications for previously trained and rated Air Traffic Controllers and/or applicants with no previous experience never close.